Apparatus Version 1.21
ECS data-oriented workflow for Unreal Engine.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CAMechanicalActorThe mechanical actor entity
 CAMechanicalGameModeThe game mode mechanism facility
 CAMechanicalGameModeBaseThe base game mode mechanism facility
 CAMechanicalPlayerControllerThe mechanical player controller entity
 CAMechanismThe scoped Apparatus state manager
 CFDeferredsApplicatorA safe applicator for the deferred changes (or deferreds)
 CASubjectiveActorAn Unreal Engine actor as a subject with details
 CFAdjectiveInfoThe internal adjective information
 CFApparatusCustomVersionCustom serialization version for assets/classes in the ApparatusRuntime module
 CFApparatusDelegatesThe main core-level Apparatus delegates
 CFBeltSlotThe belt slot, containing the details
 CFBeltSlotCacheA detail caching for subjects used in the belts' slots
 CFBitMaskA memory-efficient bit mask
 CConstIteratorThe bit mask bit iterator
 CFBitAccessorA special adapter for setting individual bits
 CIteratorThe bit mask bit iterator
 CFChainBaseThe base type for the chain
 CFChainCursorBaseThe base type for the chain cursor
 CFChunkAdjectiveEntryAn entry for a mechanic in the chunk
 CFChunkSlotA single subject entry within the chunk
 CFCommonSubjectHandleThe base structure for all subject handles
 CFConstSubjectHandleThe handle for the immutable subject
 CFDetailInfoThe internal information about a detail
 CFDetailmarkThe detail-only fingerprint part
 CFFilterA subject filtering specification
 CFFingerprintThe traits/details fingerprint
 CFMechanicChunkEntryA single chunk entry within a mechanic
 CFMechanicInfoThe internal mechanic information
 CFMoreMemoryAdditional utilities for Unreal Engine's memory handling
 CFRunnableMechanicBaseA base struct for all runnable mechanics
 CFSafeParadigmThe safe paradigm specifier as a type
 CFScriptStructArrayDynamically-typed container of structs
 CFSolidSubjectHandleThe handle for the uniform (homogenous) subject
 CFStandardSubjectiveNetworkPropertyBlockA block of standard properties used for networking
 CFStandardSubjectivePropertyBlockThe standard subjective property block
 CFSubjectHandleA subject with structural changes allowed
 CFSubjectHandles16Sixteen subject handles as a cache-friendly struct
 CFSubjectHandles4Four subject handles as a cache-friendly struct
 CFSubjectHandles8Eight subject handles as a cache-friendly struct
 CFSubjectInfoThe internal state for the main subject entity
 CFSubjectNetworkStateThe internal state of a networked subject
 CFSubjectRecordA subject packed in a localized container scope
 CFTraitInfoThe internal information about a trait
 CFTraitmarkThe trait-only fingerprint part
 CFUnsafeParadigmThe unsafe paradigm specifier as a type
 CFUnsafeSubjectHandleAn unsafe subject handle with all of the functionality available
 CIIterableAn interface for all sorts of sequences
 CIMechanicalA common interface for all mechanisms
 CISolidSubjectiveA solid-state version of the subjective
 CISubjectiveAn interface for all sorts of subjectives
 CTBeltItThe iterator of the belt slots
 CTChainA group of iterable locked together in a sequence
 CFCursorA state of the chain iterating
 CTChunkItA generic chunk's iterator base
 CTChunkProxyA strongly typed chunk proxy
 CTComponentTypesPackThe components types storage
 CTFilterThe templated shortcut class for constructing a filter
 CTFingerprintThe templated traits/details fingerprint
 CTRunnableMechanicThe base template for all object-based mechanics
 CTSubjectHandleThe main entity in the mechanism, consisting of traits
 CUApparatusFunctionLibraryThe main Apparatus function library
 CUBeltThe conveyor belt consisting of subjects
 CUChunkThe main containter for the subjects' traits
 CUDetailThe base subjective data block class
 CUMachineThe global state manager
 CUMechanicalActorComponentThe mechanical actor component entity
 CUNetworkBearerComponentAn actor component for handling the networking logic in a unified way
 CUSubjectiveActorComponentAn actor component which is a subject containing the details
 CUSubjectiveObjectAn Unreal Engine object as a subject with details
 CUSubjectiveUserWidgetA UI widget subject functionality
 CUSubjectRecordCollectionA serializable collection of subject records
 CUSubjectRecordCollectionFactoryThe SubjectRecordCollection factory class