Apparatus Features

The current list of features includes:

  • A complete Unreal Engine integration of the data-driven workflow. Both C++ and Blueprint development is supported.
  • ECS itself provides for some real architectural and development benefits as it’s less prone to coupling and a lot more type-dynamic in its nature.
  • Assign and customize your Trait/Detail blocks right from the Details Panel in Unreal Editor.
  • Dedicated user-friendly Blueprint node is provided as a center of Mechanic evaluation.
  • Versatile Component-including and Component-excluding filtering in the Mechanics.
  • Multiple Details of the same class on a single subjective are supported. All of the available Detail combinations are processed in the operating body.
  • The Detail classes can be inherited for extra modularity and flexibility. Just create a common Mechanic with a common ancestor in the filter.
  • Dedicated user experience touches for some clear reading, validation and overall ease of use.
  • Several performance optimizations: caching, fast bit-array lookups, manual Belt assignment.
  • Concurrent (multi-threaded) iterating with a special compile-time solid semantic.
  • An elegant and versatile custom networking solution built upon the Unreal’s replication and RPC functionality.
  • Steady-ticking implementation for some extra stability of your game frame-dependent logic.
  • Thoroughly documented API with a dedicated user manual wiki pages.
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