While the manual is being written, here is a quick-start guy.

  1. Create your own Player Controller Blueprint.
  2. Add our built-in Network Bearer component to it. This will be the network mediator and must be present in order to push traits to the plain non-Subjective Subjects.
  3. Possibly add an additional Subjective component to the same player controller, to push some controlling input Traits from the client to the server. Also make sure this component is set to be replicated via standard Unreal Engine’s ‘Component Replicates’ property (in the Details panel). Also make sure the Subjective has the Traitmark Pass property set correctly. This is a security whitelist for the server to receive only some certain types of traits from the client.
  4. Set your custom Player Controller Blueprint as the active one for the current game mode.
  5. The custom Player Controller instances for the players will be made online automatically by Apparatus internals.
  6. Bring some additional Subjects online on the server via the ‘Bring Online’ API call.
  7. Push the Traits from the client to the server via the dedicated ‘Push’ API calls on the custom Player Controller.
  8. Push the Traits from the server to the clients via the Subject-based ‘Push’ API calls.
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